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National Interest Publishes Call for U.S.-Russia Summit To Address War Danger

Four prominent international attorneys with extensive experience in U.S.-Soviet and U.S.-Russian affairs, penned a lengthy article in the Sept. 13 issue of National Interest, which was posted on the website of the American Committee for East-West Accord, which calls for an urgent U.S.-Russia summit on arms negotiations, as the two nations “stand on the brink of abandoning six decades of arms control agreements and accelerating the creation of new and more terrifying doomsday weapons.” The National Interest earlier this summer ran Russian President Vladimir Putin’s extensive historical article on the origins of World War II. (

Although their proposal is for a 2021 meeting between Putin and whoever wins the U.S. Presidential election; and although it is misleadingly “even-handed” in its argument that “both major political parties downplay, and hardly prioritize, the importance of avoiding this catastrophic collision course with Russia” — ignoring the fact that President Donald Trump is on the public record repeatedly stating that arms reduction talks are probably the single most important issue on the world’s agenda — the article is nonetheless useful. It clearly reflects heightened concern among informed policy-making circles in the U.S., a concern being stirred into action by the LaRouche movement’s intense activity around the recent statements of Col. Richard Black (ret.) and former NSA specialists William Binney and Kirk Wiebe. And it is consistent in some of its features with the widely publicized call by Schiller Institute founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche for an immediate summit of the UN’s P-5 leaders to address the totality of the global crisis before us.

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