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EIR is a respected source of intelligence by many. Here is what experts are saying about it.

The EIR Alert is  a unique and valuable resource for anyone concerned with issues of potential global transformation, including up to date reporting on the critical government actions that often block peaceful evolution. This importantly includes analysis of significant new developments in the emerging Global South. It routinely contains  in-depth analysis with a fine geopolitical eye of a sort rarely found in most  other media—and certainly not in the New York Times. An important resource for those wishing to look further down the geopolitical road with an evolutionary eye.

- Graham E Fuller, Former chief of the National Intelligence Council at CIA responsible for long-term forecasting

EIR Daily proposes solutions to global challenges that extend beyond the archaic ‘win-lose’ militarism so dominant today. Backed by superb open-source intelligence, this fine publication is for wise thinkers worried about the shaky underpinnings of Western economies and the steady drift toward WWIII and nuclear apocalypse.

- Col. Richard H. Black, former head, US Army Criminal Law Division at the Pentagon; former Virginia State Senator

At this time of media distortion and negative opinions, the EIR Daily Alert provides excellent intelligence and serves as a breath of fresh air. It speaks with courage for the people in every corner of the planet who are struggling for dignity, development and peace.

- Donald Ramotar, former president of Guyana

For over fifty years, EIR has been publishing reports and analysis which are second to none. The EIR "Search" function is my first port of call when researching almost any topic, particularly when I need an historic context simply not available anywhere else. Their Alert only enhances that, bringing the same analysis to current events. A unique resource deserving of everyone’s support.

- Mike Robinson, Editor of the UK Column in the UK

Indeed, I find EIR’s choice of press articles very useful when trying to get an overview of the situation outside the Western information bubble created by large parts of the Western Media. This is of utmost importance in the light of the fact that particularly Western Europe has lost a large part of its former relevance in global politics and will be unable to contribute much to a negotiated settlement of conflicts in Ukraine, the Middle East (or Western Asia if you will) and elsewhere. 

- Lt. Col. (ret.) Ralph Bosshard, Swiss Armed Forces; consultant, military-strategic affairs