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John Kerry Was for Opium Production in Afghanistan

Most of the people killed as a result of the Afghanistan war were not killed by guns and bombs but by the cultivation and distribution of opium all around the world as a result of the war. The number is some 750,000 deaths per year worldwide from overdose or illness caused by drug use, mostly by opioids. A UN report about the impact of narcotic consumption in Europe says:

“Drug use is a recognized cause of avoidable mortality among European adults. Overall, in Europe, people who use opioids are between 5 and 10 times more likely to die than their peers of the same age and gender.”

So why is the West trying to put Afghanistan into a dependency of opium production by freezing the accounts of the Afghan government? A partial answer can be found in an RT special on Afghanistan published Sept. 10, which includes an interview with former CIA analyst John Chris Kiriakou, and former senior intelligence advisor to Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry. Kiriakou was a whistleblower on CIA torture, the only whistleblower so far to do time in prison for telling the truth.

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