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We Must Wake People Up: Mobilize for the Schiller Institute Conference as If Your Life Depended on It

“The world is getting more dangerous by the day,” Helga Zepp-LaRouche stated in discussion with associates today. “If people … do not mobilize and intervene, this is on a very bad course.” This danger can be clearly seen in the unhinged provocations by the United States against China and Russia—the two other biggest nuclear powers in the world—over the recent days. Escalations against China, in particular, are rapidly approaching a red line, with moves by the U.S. State Department to bring Taiwan into the UN, eliciting harsh denunciations from the Chinese side against the U.S. attempt to “humiliate itself” by violating UN Resolution 2758 and the one-China principle. “The West is getting detached from cause and effect, and this is very, very dangerous. We have to wake people up. If things continue for long on this course, it is only a matter of time until they go completely out of control,” Helga Zepp-LaRouche said.

The October 11 statement issued by Schiller Institute Chairwoman Helga Zepp-LaRouche and CLINTEL initiator and co-founder Guus Berkhout, “A Wake-Up Call: The Danger for Mankind Is Not the Climate, but Toleration of a Devious Policy that Uses Climate To Destroy Us!” states the situation quite clearly:

“All the symptoms of a collapsing system are right before our eyes, if we care to see them: an economic system in which the balance between cost and benefit is totally out of balance, an accelerating hyperinflation that devours our earnings, a good healthcare system that only the rich can afford, an education system that teaches neither excellence nor moral values, an out-of-control woke culture that turns people against each other, a disastrous geopolitical confrontation policy against alleged rivals—and the list could go on and on!

“All these manifestations of crisis have a common cause: We in the West are living under the dictatorship of a financial oligarchy, for which the common good is nonexistent, and whose sole interest is to maximize its own privileges.” (

It is that financial oligarchy, along with the British Royal Family, which has organized its Halloween séance in Glasgow, COP26, a self-proclaimed Malthusian “last chance” to extract commitments of suicide—economic devolution—from nations of the world.

The witches of Glasgow, however, can be defeated—the majority of nations are refusing to go along with the collective suicide pact of non-development, as seen in China’s firm commitment to poverty elimination in its own nation and in partnership with underdeveloped nations around the world through largescale physical economic growth—infrastructure, industry, and scientific capabilities.

Helga LaRouche emphasized today that when you’re in such an ocean of insanity, you have to go back to the fundamentals, to the one universal value remaining: the sacredness of each human life.

For this reason, the upcoming Schiller Institute conference on November 13–14 (the day after the close of COP26) can make a decisive intervention into a wide open global strategic situation to derail the tragic trajectory humanity may be on with the clear and available solutions. Use the Schiller Institute/CLINTEL “Wake Up Call” and the conference invitation mobilize thousands around the world to pull civilization back from the brink and to put politics back on the basis of natural science and classical culture. Your life may depend on it.