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All Moral Resources of Humanity Have To Be Called Up: Will Humanity Show Its Moral Fitness To Survive?

Lyndon LaRouche posed the question in 1988, as he forecast the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the coming reunification of Germany: “The state of the world as we have known it during the postwar period is ended; the only question is, whether the new era will be better or worse than the era we are in now.”

Are we willing to take as an answer the increasingly dire situation at the border of Belarus and Poland? As freezing temperatures set in, thousands of human beings fleeing from countries such as Iraq, Syria, and Cameroon, and trying to reach safe conditions in the EU, are being used in a very dangerous geopolitical game, with fraudulent accusations of responsibility leveled against Belarusian President Lukashenko and Russian President Putin by morally bankrupt pawns such as EU President Ursula von der Leyen. As the crisis began to unfold, Russian officials, among others, made the obvious and truthful point: the ocean of refugees and migrants fleeing their countries today (in horrifyingly record numbers) was not created by Belarus or Russia, but by the interventionist, war-making policies of Western nations over the past 30 years.

Will people in seemingly “advanced” nations such as the United States and Europe soon find themselves in not-dissimilar living conditions, as hyperinflation in energy and commodity prices now setting in makes heating their homes this winter an increasingly unaffordable prospect—all while skyrocketing fuel and fertilizer prices are forcing farmers to cut back or cease their planting of spring crops?

Dangerous and dire as the current trajectory is, the answer to Lyndon LaRouche’s question is not, as of yet, completely determined. There is certainly no solution to a crisis as grave as ours within the given geometry—therefore, the only possibility is a creative intervention rooted in a moral determination for a complete change of policy.

Now just one day away, the Schiller Institute conference of November 13–14 could not be more timely, nor solutions to the subject matter to be discussed more desperately needed. Participants from Europe, the United States, Russia, and China will take up the crucial topic of avoiding a strategic crisis between the major powers; representatives from Afghanistan, Haiti, the US, and Europe will discuss the global economic breakdown and what can and must be done; scientists from Africa, Europe, the US, and Russia will take on the fraudulent claims of the climate alarmists who say that the world needs fewer people; and educational and cultural leaders from the US, Europe, and Asia will address perhaps the most important topic of all: the soul of mankind, the necessity for a beautiful culture worthy of the dignity of man.

This extraordinary event, part of an ongoing series of such interventions, can and must be a catalyst for new actions taken by actors on the political stage today to put humanity on a trajectory for a new era, one which stands in relation to today’s crisis as a new renaissance which overcame a dark age.

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