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On Tuesday, Hussein Askary was interviewed on the Arabic-language Lebanese Al-Mayadeen TV which is very popular in the Arab world. The discussion was on the same theme, and the way out of this suicidal policy by the EU of sanctions and military support for the war. Askary reiterated what he had said a month ago about the EU not being able to avoid its reliance on Russia gas and oil. Askary focused on the solution presented by the Schiller Institute internationally, which is that the EU and the U.S. should focus on the diplomatic solution, support the Ukrainian-Russian negotiations and convene an international conference to design a new security and economic architecture.

This is the recording of the show:هل-تملك-أوروبا-بدائل-واقعية-للغاز-الروسي/المشهدية?fbclid=IwAR0OTzaVlfdS31DoBcZCPjFSaeGMvvsx2HSVcgco099EUJyDS7EWNpwy9HI