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Tell Your Congressman: This Is Madness! Stop the Drive for War!

LaRouche movement activists are gearing up an international mobilization to break the U.S./NATO drive for war, including a possible nuclear war, and to put the issue of a new international security and development architecture on the agenda. A leading component of that mobilization, in many countries, is for citizens to organize and pressure congressional or parliamentary institutional representatives to raise their voices against the war drive.

Accordingly, we have drafted a sample letter, and a sample postcard or text message to be used, urgently, by every individual, every network, every institution capable of acting on this. Said letter should be emailed, with instructions, to all of our various lists and posted on all our sites and social media accounts. In the case of the United States, such directed pressure on Congress, through every means including phone calls (all can be reached through the Congressional switchboard 202-224-3121), can rapidly build a steamroller and shift the insane momentum toward war.


Dear Rep. __________:

It is increasingly obvious that the current U.S./NATO policy regarding Ukraine threatens to lead to World War 3, including the possible use of nuclear weapons.

Russia’s President Putin has repeatedly warned that “the creation of an unacceptable threat to Russia” will be met with “lightning-fast retaliatory strikes.” He has also insisted that the current NATO policy has little to do with Ukraine, but is in fact motivated by a desire to weaken and even destroy Russia. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has publicly stated that, yes indeed, the intent of the U.S./NATO policy is to bring Russia to its knees. He has dismissed Putin’s statements as mere “nuclear saber rattling.”

This is sheer insanity. Is the U.S. Congress willing to continue a policy that carries the risk of possible nuclear consequences? The American people surely are not!

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