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Open Letter to Tucker Carlson, Jimmy Dore, Et Al.: Please Do Not Emulate the Mainstream Media That You Rightly Despise!

Below is my challenge to those faint-hearted “anti-Establishment” types who can’t bring themselves to say “LaRouche,” even when the enemies of humanity are shouting from the rooftops that his movement is their Enemy Number One. Have fun with it any way you see fit.

Open Letter to Tucker Carlson, Jimmy Dore, Et Al.: Please Do Not Emulate the Mainstream Media That You Rightly Despise!

From: Doug Mallouk, Baltimore

To: Tucker Carlson, Jimmy Dore, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, Glenn Greenwald, Aaron Maté, Max Blumenthal

Copies circulated: Inspector Scott Ritter, Col. Douglas Macgregor (ret.), Judge Andrew Napolitano, Caitlin Johnstone, Kim Iverson

Re: Cover-up of LaRouche Factor in Ukraine Government’s Enemies List

Esteemed Ladies and Gentlemen:

Millions of justly-dissatisfied Americans have turned at various points to each and all of you for political truth and guidance because they’ve had it up to their proverbial necks with the lying, spinning, deception-by-omission, and other fakery that has by now become standard stock-in-trade with the godforsaken mainstream media. I certainly can understand their frustrations, and have a genuine respect for every individual named above, despite important differences on a number of issues. I acknowledge and appreciate that any number of times you have all told the truth, each in your own particular way, when others would not.

But that’s precisely why it is such an outrage that every one of you has, at least up till now, ducked, copped out, flinched on the single most important implication of the recently revealed Enemies List put out by the Ukrainian government’s “Disinformation” agency: namely, that the Kiev Banderists (and undoubtedly, their NATO patrons as well) see one organization as far and away the single biggest threat to puncture the fake narrative of “Democracy versus Autocracy” so vital to the War Party and its journalistic lap dogs. And, like it or not, that entity is none other than the Schiller Institute of the late Lyndon LaRouche and his (very much alive) spouse and political successor, Helga Zepp-LaRouche.

I would never accuse any of you of being so ridiculously naïve as to have missed the LaRouche angle with respect to The List. No fewer than 30(!) of the more than 70 named individuals are either full-time LaRouche organizers (Helga Zepp-LaRouche herself, radio broadcaster Harley Schlanger, European LaRouche leaders Jacques Cheminade and Ulf Sandmark, US Senate candidate Diane Sare, and others) or among a score of political figures from four continents who have spoken recently at LaRouche/Schiller events.

(Full disclosure time: The author is a proud, decades-long LaRouche activist. If that revelation causes anyone to stop reading this memo, you have my condolences and best wishes for a speedy recovery from the political affliction that is clearly ailing you. But I really hope that you are each and all better than that.)

So, that much said, the obvious question screams out: Why did Tucker Carlson and Jimmy Dore each do fairly substantial reviews of The Enemies List and its implications without saying a word about the LaRouche movement whose members and collaborators comprise more than 40% of those named?! Why did none of their guests bother to correct this absolutely egregious omission? (Scott Ritter’s recent reference to the targeting of U.S. Senate candidate Diane Sare is a very welcome exception to this pattern.)

The reason for the deafening silence is as painful as it is obvious. The Anglo-American Establishment has spent decades of time and untold millions of dollars to blacken LaRouche’s name, to make him a political leper, radioactive, the third rail of politics, etc.—pick your metaphor. His outrageous legal frame-up of the 1980s was just the icing on the cake for a campaign of vilification that would make even the Russiagate witch hunt against President Trump pale by comparison.

This variation of McCarthyism is intended to create either of two malevolent effects. First, there are those deluded souls who actually believe the tripe dished out by the Globalist media. Again, since I esteem those to whom this is addressed to be far wiser than that, I will simply point out that the authors of the slanders against LaRouche are the same friendly folks spinning out the phony mainstream narratives generally.

Case in point: Abe Foxman, former head of the Anti-Defamation League, tried for years to pin the scarlet letter “A” (for Anti-Semite) on LaRouche, using as his pretext the latter’s sharp criticism of the policies of the Israeli government. Yet when confronted with the in-your-face move by the post-Maidan Kiev regime to glorify the life of Ukrainian 1940s Hitler ally and vicious anti-Semitic mass murderer Stepan Bandera, Foxman immediately assumed the posture of, perhaps not a Nazi, but certainly a “not-see.” He actually made the laughable claim that the Banderists were no more fascist than the Occupy Wall Street movement! What deadhead would trust this character or his Establishment cronies for an honest assessment of anything?!

The second fear reaction, I suspect, is a far bigger problem among the above addressees. There are many who know that the official line on LaRouche is garbage, but who refuse to say so publicly lest they be tarred with the same smelly brush that smeared LaRouche himself.

Doing the right thing certainly involves risks. If I were to assert that acknowledging the truth about LaRouche and the role of his movement entailed no consequences, my nose would grow longer than Pinocchio’s! Yes, there are some very nasty folks among the Globalist rulers, and they do indeed bite!

But so bleeping what?! This is precisely the kind of situation that separates real political leaders from mere posturers, poseurs. The Russia-Ukraine conflict could all too easily escalate into a superpower standoff even more dangerous than the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. Isn’t that threat just a tad more worrisome than the prospect of being assailed by the pathetic scribblers of the Fourth Estate? Or by internet trolls?

If I wanted my brain to be washed, spun, dried, or waxed, I could watch CNN or MSNBC. If I wanted bleached, redacted news, I could read the New York Times or the Washington Post. Don’t I have the right to expect a lot more from each of you?

Jimmy Dore bemoaned the fact that he had not made The List. I can only relay the advice given to him (and others) by my esteemed colleague, U.S. Senate candidate and Chuck Schumer opponent Diane Sare. If you want to be added to the 70-some names, then collaborate with the LaRouche Organization! No one is demanding that you genuflect before his image, or stipulate that he was right about almost everything (even though, in fact, he was). But inviting LaRouche representatives to speak on your broadcasts, or even agreeing to participate in ours, will not cause you to be struck by lightning bolts hurled by angered pagan deities.

In fact, here’s a really radical suggestion: Schiller/LaRouche spokespersons might actually add a whole new dimension for your viewers and listeners! Specifically, our analysis of, for example, the Russia-Ukraine conflict starts, not in Moscow or Kiev, but rather with the ongoing total breakdown of the Trans-Atlantic financial system that’s driving the Globalists to war—and worse. This implies as well that there is a positive solution that goes way beyond a mere truce or cessation of military hostilities, based on the notion of peace through orderly bankruptcy reorganization and then economic development driven by great projects of common interest among the erstwhile adversaries. To my knowledge, none of you folks have ever touched that subject with ye olde ten foot pole, but it’s key to the whole situation.

Obviously, I have neither the power nor the desire to compel a reply from any of you. But I must say that a non-response would only confirm my worst suspicions as to exactly which cats have your tongues.

So please, prove me wrong! Don’t be afraid of the dreaded “L-word.” Acknowledge LaRouche! After all, his adversaries in Kiev and their sponsors in London and Washington certainly have!

You have my email address, and I can be reached by phone at 240-712-2771. Hoping to hear from you, each and all, soon!