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Gateway Pundit Covers Colonel Black Warning of Nuclear War

Gateway Pundit website has lengthy coverage of Col. Richard Black’s warnings of a nuclear war threat, conveyed in his Open Letter to Congress. The widely visited conservative website ran a lengthy and powerful interview with Col. Richard Black (ret.) under the title “Globalists Are Driving Us Relentlessly Toward Nuclear Armageddon.” Gateway Pundit co-founder Joe Hoft, who interviewed Senator Black, summarized the highlights of the 51-minute video interview, noting that Black had recently sent an open letter to members of the U.S. Congress denouncing the growing loose talk about the use of nuclear weapons. Hoft reports how Black shared that Russia has thousands of nuclear warheads, and says the West can’t just make a strike on Russian warheads and not expect a response and a nuclear war with catastrophic results. He writes that Black discussed the U.S intervention into Ukraine under Obama with Victoria Nuland’s involvement in the coup to replace the government there. Hoft added that Colonel Black discussed the rationale for Russia’s response in Ukraine remembering the US’s reaction to the Cuban Missile Crisis. America didn’t want nuclear warheads 90 miles off the Florida coast, and Russia doesn’t want nuclear warheads in Ukraine. Hoft concludes; “This was a moving and amazing interview with an American hero.” The site posts a large facsimile of Col. Black’s Open Letter to Members of Congress below a large picture of the Colonel and a link to the full lengthy interview. ( )