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Colonel Richard Black (ret.) on Russia’s Largest Radio Talk Show: Warning on Nuclear War Threat

Early Tuesday am (7:30 am Moscow time) Colonel Black was the guest for 25 minutes on “Solovyov Live,” the largest TV talk show in Russia, watched by millions. The interview began with Colonel Black discussing the threat of nuclear war, with reference to the recent comments from President Trump demanding negotiations and from Tulsi Gabbard on the elitist cabal of warmongers.

Later in the interview he stated that he believes the period between now and the U.S. midterm elections is one of the greatest dangers, citing the precedent of initiation and escalation of war and terrorism in attempts to influence the outcome of elections. In this regard he cited the Clinton attack on Serbia during the Lewinsky affair, the 9/11 attacks, and the 1933 Reichstag fire. He noted that the U.K. and the CIA are adept at creating false-flag operations and went into some detail into the appearance of mass murders in Bucha, Ukraine.

We are in an era of politicians who seem oblivious to the threat of nuclear war, he said, contrasting it with his own experiences in Germany in 1984 and the sensitivity which was brought to bear by leaders on both sides in East and West Berlin to avoid any occasion of escalating conflict. The danger of proximity of borders leading to escalation, he noted, was one of the arguments put forward by Putin against the expansion of NATO closer and closer to Russia.

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