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Rep. Paul Gosar Insists, End Our Proxy War against Russia

Rep Paul Gosar (R-AZ), who has publicly attacked Ukraine’s Center for Countering Disinformation hit list, issued strong statements on Twitter yesterday and today about the growing danger of nuclear war. Today he tweeted “America’s military strength is to deter conflict to promote peace, not escalate international conflicts. Biden’s decision to participate in nuclear drills is another pro-war policy which endangers all.”

That followed a tweet he made Oct. 19: “The Biden proxy war in Ukraine has pitted nuclear nations against one another. Now we are the closest to nuclear conflict since the Cold War, which even Biden admits. The decision to increase tensions with nuclear exercises this week harms prospects for peace.”

Further, on Oct. 17, Gosar tweeted: “Neocons and the radical left are joining hands as they sleepwalk our nation into World War Three. This madness must end for the sake of the entire world.”

Gosar accompanied his Oct. 19 tweet with an Oct. 15 letter he wrote to Biden with the same theme, strongly criticizing him for bringing the U.S. “the closest it has been to a nuclear conflict since the Cold War.” Gosar blamed “heightened nuclear rhetoric” from American, NATO, and Russian officials, and urged Biden to cancel the NATO Steadfast Noon nuclear training exercises. He continued, writing that American assistance to Ukraine in the form of weapons, munitions and equipment means we are “fighting a proxy war with a nuclear power.” He again called for a cancellation of exercises: “it is time for cooler heads to prevail,” and emphasized that if the U.S. took this step of de-escalation, it “could open discussions for peace in the Ukraine-Russia conflict.”

The full text of the letter can be read here: