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Ukraine Black List and Diane Sare Campaign Discussed on Lebanese TV

On Thursday, Sept. 29, the Lebanese Al-Mayadeen TV hosted a panel for a special discussion on the sabotage of Nord Stream 1 and 2 in its internationally watched Al-Masaiya ("Eveningtime") one-hour show. The panelists were Hussein Askary as representative of the Schiller Institute; Elena Suponina, Adviser to the director of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, Asia and Middle East specialist; and RIAC expert, who speaks fluent Arabic, and President of the Global Policy Institute (Washington), Paolo von Schirach.

The thrust of the program was that all fingers are pointing to Washington and its allies as the main beneficiary if not the culprit in the blowing up the Russian gas pipelines Nord Stream 1 and 2.

Askary pointed to certain facts reported by EIR Daily Alert the same day about the motive, logistics and insanity of the conductor of such an act. He also noted that not only had Biden made the statements about ending the pipelines, but so also had Victoria Nuland, the architect of the 2014 Maidan coup. However, Askary stressed that the real context of this event is, first, the collapse of the trans-Atlantic financial and monetary system, and that the powers serving this system see no other way to save than starting more and larger wars.

Second, that the fact that the sanctions policy against Russia has backfired on the West and that there is a large protest movement which just one day before the sabotage were demonstrating and demanding reopening of Nord Stream 1, starting Nord Stream 2, ending the sanctions policy, and finally going back to the negotiations table to end the war in Ukraine. Those who blew the pipeline wanted to end that movement which includes many industrialists and farmers in Europe.

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