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Rep. Gosar Says Ukraine War Is ‘a Big Mistake,’ Calls for Peace, Denounces Nazi Brigades

On May 28, U.S. Rep.Paul Gosar (R-AZ), a strong opponent of the NATO proxy war in Ukraine, released a stinging statement, in his weekly newsletter “This Week with Gosar,” entitled, “Confirmation That We Are Making a Big Mistake in Ukraine.” He asserted: “If you still had any doubt about what a big mistake the United States’ involvement in Ukraine is, comments from George W. Bush should settle the issue.

“George W. Bush ran an inept presidency that sought out war and conflict all over the globe. The state department was run by neo-cons, under the guidance of war monger Vice President Dick Cheney, and they used our military like it was a toy. They invaded Iraq for no reason. Actually, they lied and made up a falsehood about ‘yellow cake’ and weapons of mass destruction. They used our military to destroy Iraq, kill over a million Iraqis, while spending $1 trillion in the process. Along the way, they got 5,000 of our soldiers killed and tens of thousands more wounded.

“Not content to destroy Iraq for no legitimate reason, they attacked Afghanistan. That country had done nothing to hurt the United States. They created a fake narrative that they were righting a ‘war’ against a feeling. That is, a ‘war on terror.’ In reality they used our military to terrorize Afghans, have our soldiers killed and wasted hundreds of billions of dollars.

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