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Letter to the Editor: Ellsberg Warned That Western Provocations Could Lead To Nuclear War

This letter might be circulated among peace activist organizations and individuals who are flinching on the same subject matter as is the person to whom this letter directly responds.

Subject: Ellsberg Warned That Western Provocations Could Lead To Nuclear War

To the Editor:

Chesapeake Physicians for Social Responsibility President Gwen Dubois rightly scores the Sun’s obituary on Daniel Ellsberg for leaving out his frequent and dire warnings on the horrific consequences of nuclear war. ("Ellsberg’s legacy should include nuclear warnings,” 6-30.) Point taken.

But your letter writer makes a big omission of her own, namely, Ellsberg’s unyielding, staunch opposition to the incessant US-UK manipulation of both the Ukraine and Taiwan situations so as to result, intentionally or not, in a nuclear confrontation among superpowers.

Months before his demise, Ellsberg spelled it out in an interview with “Democracy Now” host Amy Goodman. He deplored the Biden Administration’s decision to send F-16s to Ukraine only a year after the President himself said that precisely this move would lead to World War III! He exposed then-British PM Boris Johnson’s role in outright sabotage of a peace agreement worked out between Russia and Ukraine in March 2022, just weeks after the conflict began. He contended that these and other provocative actions indicate Western leaders’ desire for protracted war.

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