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Scholars Launch Petition To Cancel Sanctions Aimed Against Cultural Heritage Cooperation with Afghanistan

On Nov. 17, a group of historians, archaeologist and researchers, in cooperation with the Ibn Sina R&D Center, released an international call to lift the sanctions imposed by the “Global West” and implicitly UNESCO, against free and fruitful international cooperation to protect and save the world’s cultural heritage, most notably in Afghanistan.

Artists, historians, scientists, and other personalities and world citizens can sign the text— expected to available in Pashtun, Dari, English, French and German—directly online on the Schiller Institute websites in the U.S. and France. Former director of the UN Office of Drugs and Crime Pino Arlacchi was among the first signers, with already two dozen from Afghanistan and many more to come.

Once there are a significant number of signatures, the petition will be transmitted directly to the office of the UNESCO director general in Paris.

The petition reads:

“International Call To Lift Sanctions Against Cultural Heritage Cooperation”

“We, the undersigned, researchers and experts in the domains of the history of civilizations, cultural heritage, archaeology, anthropology, sociology, and many other fields, and other enlightened citizens of the world, in Afghanistan, Syria, Russia, China, and many other countries, launch the following call:

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