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Belize Suspends Diplomatic Relations with Israel, Slams Violations of Humanitarian Law

With the approval of Prime Minister Johnny Briceño, his Cabinet, and other members of the governing People’s United Party in the House of Representatives, the government of Belize today announced that it has withdrawn, effective immediately, accreditation of Israel’s Ambassador to the country, suspended activities of Israel’s Consulate in Belize, and suspended Belize’s diplomatic activities in Israel. “Belize renews its call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, unimpeded access to humanitarian supplies into Gaza and the release of all hostages,” the Prime Minister’s Office reported. The reasons given for this action were blunt:

“Since the 7th October 2023, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has engaged in unceasing indiscriminate bombing in Gaza, which has killed more than 11,000 innocent civilians, mostly women and children. The bombing has destroyed many buildings and infrastructure including hospitals, schools and other infrastructure.

“More than 1 million Gazans are internally displaced as a direct result of the war. Basic necessities of life—water, food, electricity, medical supplies—are severely curtailed by the Israeli-imposed siege on Gaza. Lives have been lost as a result.

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