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Ambassador Chas Freeman was interviewed on a Brazilian blog “Dialogue Works” last month, titled: “Neocons’ Colossal Failure in Ukraine and Complications in Israel.” He said that there is a huge difference between Judaism and Zionism, in that Judaism is defined by morality and scholarship, while Zionism will have none of that. Under Benjamin Netanyahu and his extremist team, Zionism has been even further removed from any concept of religion—"it is a worship of the state, not of God.” Israel has severely discredited Judaism, he said. Many countries have already seen their Jewish populations leave, but some countries still have a large Jewish population (Iran, 15-17%) and Russia (20%) for example, but Israel has destroyed relations with those countries, as in Syria in regard to Russia.

The problem is that both Biden and Blinken are confirmed Zionists, and they are fully responsible for the genocide taking place in Gaza. Blinken called up the memory of the Holocaust survivors in his family during his post-Oct. 7 visit to Israel, while pledging full support for the genocide in Gaza. Biden at first backed Israel to win the financial support of the wealthy Jewish backers, but now it may end up costing him the election. The U.S. has lost the last thread of credibility worldwide. It can no longer preach “human rights” while openly supporting genocide.

The abuse of the UN by the U.S. may soon mean the end of the UN itself, as well as the WTO for the same reason.

Netayahu’s policy toward the Palestinians is “leave or die, expulsion or genocide.” He was already facing Israeli criminal charges (which was the main reason he launched the genocidal assault against Gaza) but now will certainly end up in prison. It was well known that he had for years used Hamas to keep Palestine divided.

Israel is uniting countries which have been enemies for centuries, such as Türkiye and Iran. Türkiye may even join in the war in defense of Palestine. There may be a general revolt in the Arab world against the governments which have aligned with the U.S. and Israel—the “Abraham Accord” countries and others.