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Internet and cellphone communications in Gaza were reported to be partially restored today, apparently due to Israel’s agreeing to allow a paltry two truckloads of fuel into the Gaza Strip per day. The Palestinian telecommunications provider said it was able to restart its generators after UNRWA donated fuel. The end of the communications blackout meant a return to news and messages from journalists and activists in the besieged enclave on social media platforms as service began to return late Friday night, Nov. 17, reported the Associated Press.

Under the deal, 140,000 liters (37,000 gallons) of fuel will be allowed every 48 hours, of which 20,000 liters will be earmarked for generators to restore the phone network, the U.S. official said, reported AFP. Communications have been down for two days after fuel ran out, and a first consignment of some 17,000 liters was earmarked for telecommunications company Paltel.

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