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Duterte Spokesman Warns Marcos Against Capitulation to U.S. Anti-China Policy

Harry Roque, who had been the spokesman for President Rodrigo Duterte during his Presidency, provided an interview today with China’s Global Times daily titled: “Being an Ally of the U.S. Has Not Been Advantageous to the Philippines, Either Economically or Militarily.” He warns that current President Bong Bong Marcos has been given “bad advice” regarding China and the U.S., blaming especially the Philippine Ambassador to the U.S. Jose Manuel Romualdez, who is the brother of Imelda Marcos, the mother of Bong Bong Marcos and the influential wife of Bong Bong’s father, President Ferdinand Marcos.

Roque, who was in contact with the late Butch Valdes, the head of the Philippine LaRouche Society, said: “I’m very much concerned because I don’t think we are now benefiting from the fact that we are neighbors with China. Recently, the three rail projects which are segments of the Mindanao Railway project on the island where the former President [Duterte] is from will no longer be funded by Chinese companies, as the Philippines dropped the funding deal with China. And it would seem that because of the change in relations with China, we will also not be getting as many investments as countries like Vietnam and Malaysia are getting from China.”

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