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EU Rejects Attempt To Entirely Cut China-Linked Companies Out of Gateway Project

The European Commission rejected an attempt to eliminate companies that were under partial Chinese ownership from an advisory role in the EU Gateway Project. While Gateway is envisioned as a counter to the Belt and Road Initiative, much of the European network is already interlinked in some way with China that it would be foolhardy to de-couple from them. The issue involves a Portuguese firm, Energias de Portugal SA, in which Three Gorges Corporation has a 20% interest. The group of 60 companies and businesses are tasked with advising how Europe will scale up the Gateway Project. The French satellite company, Eutelsat, also a member of the advisory commission, is also partially owned by a Chinese company. While some European parliamentarians have expressed concerns over this, the European Commission has wisely decided not to go overboard for fear of losing some important advisers. At the same time, China has taken a positive position on the launch of Gateway, viewing it as complementary to the BRI, and potentially a project with which the BRI hopes to cooperate.

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