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Sare For Senate Launches a National Campaign For Peace on Earth

NEW YORK, Nov. 19, 2023—Billions of people across the globe are watching in horror and spiritual agony as the British- and American-backed Bibi Netanyahu regime moves to eliminate up to 2.3 million Palestinian people in Gaza. Millions have demonstrated in the streets from London to Washington to Istanbul demanding a halt to the killing of innocents, including over 5,000 children as of this writing.

The question is not only how do we stop this senseless slaughter, but how do we lift mankind to a new level where violence against other human beings becomes a thing of the past?

The United States, which declared the first successful anti-colonial revolution against the British Empire in 1776, has a crucial role to play in bringing a new paradigm into existence, but 60 years after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, we have lost our way. In fact, the capitulation of the American people to the Warren Commission cover-up, and everything which followed it, including the jailing of America’s most qualified presidential candidate, Lyndon LaRouche, has had its intended result: We have become the new British Empire on nuclear steroids, capable of annihilating the entire planet, and, given the mentally frail, but vicious, condition of our current “President,” sane leaders of the world are gingerly walking on eggshells trying to avoid triggering the end of us all.

They hope, and Americans hope, that the 2024 Federal Elections, where one-third of the U.S. Senate, the entire House of Representatives, and the Presidency, are all up for a long-overdue replacement, that there could be a great cleansing, perhaps like a giant toilet flushing, and an entirely new leadership might come in to save the day.

We find ourselves facing the greatest opportunity of our lifetimes, where the rotten imperialist system based in the City of London and Wall Street is nearing its desperate end, and a new system which upholds the inalienable rights of Man and the perfect sovereignty of each nation can become the new order of the planet, but our own beloved republic, which should embody these principles, has instead become the enforcer of everything that all free people abhor.

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