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Germany’s Linke Party on Green-Woke Course

The German Linke Partei has announced their banner candidates for the EU Parliament election June 2024, amounting to “green-woke” choices continuing their move into oblivion. The Linke candidates are migrant activist and non-party member Carola Rackete, Martin Schirdewan, and German MEP Özlem Demirel as their main candidates. Rackete told the recent Linke conference, “We’re facing a choice in Europe: human rights or white supremacy; climate justice or climate apartheid; a good life for everyone or the return of fascism.” She added that climate change is a “social crisis” that exacerbates social disparities.

After the ousting of Linke leader Sahra Wagenknecht—who has worked over 2023 for a ceasefire in Ukraine, and other sane moves—the Linke Partei continues to move in the direction of the green agenda and political demise. The Linke has lost its group status in the Bundestag as a result of the Wagenknecht group leaving the party, which significantly reduces its funding and activities in the Bundestag, but the Linke claims that it is in better shape now, and it eyes up new voters in the “woke” camp whom Wagenknecht always opposed.