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Global Times Urges the World To ‘Heed BRICS' Voice’ in Palestinian- Israeli Conflict

In its Nov. 22 editorial, “To Ease Palestinian Conflict, the World Should Heed BRICS’ Voice,” China’s semiofficial daily Global Times points to the importance of the Nov. 21 emergency video summit of the BRICS-11 to address the Israeli-Palestinian war—the first such leaders summit since the announced expansion of the BRICS at the group’s Aug. 22-24 summit in Johannesburg, South Africa. The convening of the summit signifies the “arrival of a powerful ally for the global governance system that is being confronted with numerous challenges and difficulties,” the editorial underscored. The attendance of UN Secretary-General António Guterres also signaled the international community’s “expectations for the BRICS countries to play a greater role in addressing hotspot issues,” it affirmed.

Global Times asserts that the failure of the UN Security Council to come up with “firm actions” has become an “insurmountable obstacle that the UNSC cannot overcome,” compounded by Western countries’ lack of “willingness and courage to stand up for justice.” The result? A vacuum in the global governance system. Now, the BRICS countries have stepped into that vacuum.

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