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‘Independence’ Political Party Is Born in Italy

A new nonpartisan political entity, called “Independence” and led by former Agriculture Minister and former Rome Mayor Gianni Alemanno, has been created in Rome. Alemanno was a colleague of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni in their former party Alleanza Nazionale, but did not join Meloni when she founded Fratelli d’Italia. “Independence” criticizes the pro-NATO, pro-EU and pro-Green policy of the Meloni government and looks favorably on the BRICS and the Belt and Road Initiative.

Star guest of a two-day conference of the new grouping was former Communist Party leader Marco Rizzo. Several friends of the Schiller Institute also spoke, such as Maurizio Abbate, Nino Galloni, and Michele Geraci. Also Bethlehem, Palestine Mayor Hanna Hanania was there. Abbate and Geraci were elected to the national directorate.

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