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The Israel/Hamas truce was extended at the last minute this morning, when each side was satisfied that the other was abiding by the terms of the original agreement. Qatar, which has played a key role in mediating with Hamas, said the truce was being extended under the same terms as in the past, with Hamas releasing 10 Israeli hostages per day in exchange for Israel’s release of 30 Palestinian prisoners, reported The Associated Press. The announcement followed a last-minute standoff, with Hamas saying Israel had rejected a proposed list that included 7 living captives and the remains of 3, who the group said were killed in Israeli airstrikes. Israel later said Hamas submitted an improved list, paving the way for the extension.

AP speculates that, with most of the women and children among the hostages having been released (4 children and 20 women are thought to remain), it will become more difficult to extend the truce. Negotiations over the male hostages, mostly members of the IDF, are expected to get much tougher. An Israeli official involved in hostage negotiations said talks on a further extension for release of civilian males and soldiers were still preliminary, and that a deal would not be considered until all the women and children are out.

With the Nov. 29 releases, a total of 73 Israelis, including dual nationals, have been freed during the six-day truce, most of whom appear physically well but shaken. Another 24 hostages—23 Thais and 1 Filipino—have also been released. Before the ceasefire, Hamas released 4 hostages, and the Israeli army rescued 1. Two others were found dead in Gaza.

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