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Jeffrey Sachs was the guest speaker at the meeting of the Committee for the Republic in Washington, D.C. last night. He was asked to speak on Ukraine, Gaza, the collapsing financial system and the pandemic. He reviewed the history of the Ukraine war in detail, with the main point being that the war was intended by the U.S. from the time that they declared they would respond to the collapse of the U.S.S.R. by declaring victory and by expanding NATO, rejecting any concept of a peaceful world order based on the principles of the UN Charter.

Most interesting was his view of the U.S. Congress. He declared, based in part on his years of trying to get members of Congress to adopt a sane approach toward Russia, that “there is no sanity in the Congress. No one will talk to me, neither Democrats or Republicans, with the exception of Rand Paul, who also gets no response from any other member of Congress.” He added: “There is no debate on foreign policy in the Congress. The Congress is dead.”

Asked how the war can be stopped, he responded: “The only way it can be stopped is by the U.S. declaring that there will be ‘no expansion of NATO.’”

This is not a war over territory or control—"it is a war over an issue,” which is the expansion of NATO, and the war would end tomorrow if the U.S. declared it would not expand NATO.

His other point of interest: “As bad as we [the U.S.] are, the British are worse. They all think they are Lord Palmerston, fighting the Crimean War.”