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Jeffrey Sachs: U.S.'s Russia Policy Keeps ‘Raising the Stakes on a Losing Hand’

Jeffrey Sachs blamed the U.S.’s fantasy-ridden, geopolitical foreign policy team that has, over the last 15 years, systematically destabilized the West and now has almost completely destroyed Ukraine. His Nov. 14 interview with Glenn Greenwald on the U.S.’s clever game against Russia emphasized that the “U.S. has played a losing hand badly for 15 straight years. This is really important to understand if one wants to learn a little bit about geopolitical poker, which is, we keep raising the stakes on a losing hand.”

He detailed how the U.S. could have avoided a military conflict and avoided Ukraine’s demise, since Moscow was only saying that NATO should not poke its nose in Russia’s face. The sin of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych in 2013 was that he chose neutrality over siding with the West against Russia. Hence, U.S. State Department Assistant Secretary Victoria Nuland “and friends” pushed a coup on Ukraine, with parts of Ukraine unwilling to go along.

Moscow acceded to a coup running all of Ukraine, but insisted on the Minsk II agreement allowing the Russian ethnic section of the Donbass to have the degree of autonomy promised them. Sachs said that U.S. officials instructed Kiev that they needn’t comply with the agreement.

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