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Jews in Israel Protest Against the War, Demand a Ceasefire

If stating one’s opposition to Netanyahu’s genocidal war in Gaza is now to be considered “anti-Semitic,” as much of the media and many universities are trying to impose upon thinking Americans, then a large part of Israel’s Jewish population will have to be called anti-Semites. Perhaps they will soon be asked to wear yellow stars, as well.

As even a cursory review of Israeli social media indicates, there is widespread opposition to the war. One X channel set up after the war started which describes itself as “Israelis and Palestinians working to end the war in Gaza and release all hostages,” wrote: “Stop the war. The people of Nazareth, in the north of Israel, did not back down after the police tried to cancel their anti-war assembly.” Another tweeted: “Protest against the war on Gaza in Tel Aviv. Demonstrators called for Ceasefire and a political solution shouting `in Gaza and Sderot children want to live’!”

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