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Kremlin Sees Continued NATO Assault on Russia, Using Ukraine Proxy

Notwithstanding the total failure of its military policy to debt, and the significant political disputes this has provoked in the United States and the EU, NATO continues hell-bent on pursuing its policy of using Ukraine to target Russia for destabilization and destruction. That was the sober evaluation issued by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Nov. 28, as the foreign ministers of the NATO-Ukraine Council gathered in Brussels.

The Kremlin spokesman told media that “NATO considers Russia an adversary. NATO is an alliance that was created as a tool of confrontation. It was so conceived. Its architecture was built in such a way that it is, in fact, an element of confrontation and an instrument of containment of our country in one way or another.” Therefore, in Peskov’s view, “no matter whatever is invented there [at the foreign ministers’ meeting], no matter what statements may be made, the main purpose of the alliance is exactly that.”

“Naturally, the alliance is analyzing the situation,” Peskov continued. “The alliance sees the real state of affairs. For now, the alliance does not abandon its plans to contain Russia and, in fact, to use the Ukrainian people as a sacrificial lamb in the fight against Russia,” Peskov stressed.