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Netanyahu Hosts War Cabinet Press Conference, Bucks International Pressure

In Israel, Netanyahu vowed to buck the increasing international pressure to stop his war, reported the Times of Israel. He also dismissed “a lot of incorrect reports” about imminent agreements to free some or all of the roughly 240 hostages, remarking that “as of now there is no deal.” Media asked Netanyahu later if he had passed up a serious deal on Nov. 14 for a release of some 50 hostages, and if he was insisting that all be released. Netanyahu responded that “there was no deal on the table” and he could not elaborate further. “We want to get back all the hostages,” he said. “We’re doing the utmost to bring back the most possible, including in stages, and we are united on this.”

Netanyahu said Israel has “eliminated thousands of terrorists,” including senior commanders, and destroyed command posts and tunnels. “We’re moving forward with full force,” he said. While Israel has the support of the U.S. and others for the ongoing war, “there is growing pressure against us, in the U.S. and elsewhere,” he said.

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