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Speaking at the Primakov Readings international Forum Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the Western model of globalization, created to promote their own interests, has become obsolete.

“The theme of this year’s forum—Post-Globalisation Horizons—is very relevant. It is clear that the model of globalization, which was formed largely by Western states, naturally, in their own interests, has outlived its usefulness and is now in deep crisis. A new, fairer and more democratic system of international relations is emerging, meeting the needs of the world majority. However, a certain group of countries, used to dominating the world, will go to any length to maintain their waning influence, practicing outright blackmail and forceful pressure, replacing the system of international law with a kind of ‘rules-based order.’ This destabilizing line has provoked both the crisis around Ukraine and the tragic escalation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

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