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Russian Diplomat: Security Council Discussing Long-Term Ceasefire, but Israel, U.S. Opposed

Russia’s First Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN Dmitry Polyanskiy discussed the prospects of a more durable peace agreement in Gaza in an interview on Russian program RTVI. Within the UN Security Council, discussions are ongoing about this, including the option of stationing UN peacekeeping troops in Gaza, but Israel and the U.S. are resisting.

“According to the recently adopted UN Security Council Resolution 2712,” which called for humanitarian pauses, release of hostages, and increased humanitarian aid, “we are talking about monitoring long humanitarian pauses,” Polyanskiy said. “We see this as the first step towards a ceasefire, but such a requirement is still blocked by the Americans at the UN. A [UN] peacekeeping force could probably eventually appear [in the Gaza Strip], but this requires the consent of the parties. Israel is clearly not ready for this yet,” Polyanskiy added.

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