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CFR Runs Attack on Chinese Port Building, Showing Their Devious Intent

Foreign Affairs, the journal of the Council on Foreign Relations, a longstanding U.S. stink tank for the British Empire, ran what it calls an “investigation” of China’s port construction around the world on Nov. 6. That includes 92 ports under construction or in service, of which 13 are majority-Chinese owned. The report claims that 10 have “potential military use.”

While the primary intent is to claim that this is part of China’s effort to militarily take over the world, the real worry is the economic role—that “the CPC and the government can still influence global trade and logistics. China’s heavy investment in the world’s most-connected ports highlights its strong influence over the supply chains of global trade. The real leverage of the CPC and the Chinese government over the West is not necessarily in building newer and bigger naval bases; rather, China’s leverage is in its varied degrees of investment and ownership in the world’s busiest and most-connected ports, which underpin the global flow of goods.”