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Hostage Releases Are Scheduled To Occur Over Next 4-5 Days

Hostages to be released. TikTok

An Israeli government official, briefing reporters after the cabinet voted 35-3 to approve the hostage deal, said that the deal was expected to see the release of 50 living Israeli citizens—children, mothers and other women—in groups of 12-13 people over four days. In exchange, Israel has agreed to a ceasefire for those four days for the first time since the outbreak of the war, as well as the release of 150 teenage and female Palestinian security prisoners. The halt in fighting could be extended by one additional day for each additional group of 10 hostages freed–up to 10 days–after which Israel’s campaign to destroy Hamas in Gaza is to resume, reported the Times of Israel.

The government confirmed the terms of the agreement following the vote, without offering details regarding any of the other Israeli concessions. First reports were that the ceasefire would begin Thursday at 10 a.m. IST (08:00 UTC), but a last-minute announcement from a spokesman for the Netanyahu government postponed the start to Friday, Nov. 24 at the earliest.

On Wednesday morning Nov. 22, Israel released a list of 300 Palestinian security prisoners from whom the initial 150 will be selected, and the remainder of whom could be freed if further Israeli hostages are let go. Israelis have 24 hours to appeal to the High Court against the prisoners’ release.

The release will take place in two stages, with multiple phases in each stage, Times of Israel further reports. In the first stage, Israel will release 150 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for 50 hostages. This will take place in four phases, with at least 10 hostages being released in each phase, and the prisoners released only once the hostages are back in Israeli custody. Israel also agreed to allow additional fuel into Gaza as well as significant amounts of humanitarian aid, which have been restricted due to the ongoing war.

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