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The Southwest Asia Theater of War Deteriorated Sharply over the Weekend

Courtyard of Al-Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza City. CC/Tasnim News Agency

The situation on the ground in the war in Southwest Asia dramatically worsened over the last 72 hours, on at least three fronts. 1) Israel’s bombing of Gaza escalated, with an all-out assault underway against the Al-Shifa Hospital in particular. 2) The U.S. launched the third air attack in three weeks against alleged Iran-backed militia bases in Syria, according to an official Pentagon statement. And 3) Fighting between Israel and Hezbollah escalated, with IDF airstrikes deeper into southern Lebanon, followed by a Hezbollah anti-tank air attack which injured 14 Israelis.

Whatever the talking heads may have said on TV over the weekend, or the conversations going on behind the scenes between U.S. and Israeli officials—some of this perhaps in response to the growing international outcry, some perhaps a dog-and-pony show to give Israel time to complete its mission of wiping out the Palestinian nation (this is what Arab and Islamic leaders at the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and elsewhere have stated)—the fact on the ground is that Israel is actually escalating operations under the protective umbrella of a massive U.S. military deployment, and 100% blocking at the UN Security Council and elsewhere of any moves to impose a ceasefire … let alone an actual solution to the crisis.

At Al-Shifa Hospital, news agencies report that “Heavy Fighting Rages Near Main Gaza Hospital and People Trapped Inside Say They Cannot Flee … Health officials and people trapped inside Gaza’s largest hospital rejected Israel’s claims that it was helping babies and others evacuate Sunday, saying fighting continued just outside the facility where incubators lay idle with no electricity.… The hospital’s last generator ran out of fuel Saturday, leading to the deaths of three premature babies and four other patients, according to the Health Ministry. It said another 36 babies are at risk of dying.”

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