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Washington Post and BBC Ask: This Is Israel’s Evidence?

It does not matter much, as nothing could justify what Israel’s military is doing to Gaza’s population now; but many journalists have published doubts about the IDF’s “conclusive, beyond any shadow of a doubt” evidence, shown in a Nov. 16 video featuring IDF spokesman Jonathan Conricus and displaying very small amounts of militia weaponry in four rooms of Al-Shifa Hospital.

Yesterday, the Washington Post had a very dismissive headline, “Israeli Troops Scour Gaza’s Al-Shifa Hospital, Find Scant Evidence of Hamas” at 2:10 p.m.; although by 9:11 p.m. it was changed to “Israeli Troops Scour Gaza’s Al-Shifa Hospital for Evidence of Hamas.” But the story remained the same: “The Israeli raid of the Gaza Strip’s largest hospital stretched into its second day Thursday amid the wait for more concrete evidence of extensive Hamas infrastructure at the facility that precipitated the raid. Israel also said no further evidence of Hamas activities in the hospital was scheduled to be made public for now.” The journalists described “small caches of rifles and laptops…. The military did not show evidence of tunnels or a command center it has said exists under the hospital.”

Later Nov. 16 the Times of Israel offered photos of “entrances to tunnels inside Al-Shifa Hospital.” But the photos simply showed tunnel holes in otherwise destroyed and unidentifiable remnants of structures.

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