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A Christmas Call for Action from Senate Candidate Sare

The following is the Christmas message sent today by Independent LaRouche candidate for U.S. Senator from New York, Diane Sare, to her many supporters across New York State and from around the United States:

“As billions of people around the world celebrate the birth of Christ, and reflect on the universal truth that each human being, whether Christian, Muslim, Jew or any other faith, or none, is born in the image of the Creator, we must remember that the birthplace of Jesus, Bethlehem, is now filled with great pain and sorrow.

“In an enraged attempt to justify the mass slaughter of children in Gaza, Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu said, `History does not favor Jesus Christ over Genghis Khan.’

“What Mr. Netanyahu and his British and American patrons have failed to grasp is that ‘power’ does not lie in the ability to ‘force’ other human beings through violence, including death, to comply with arbitrary decrees. Our power and our freedom reside in our ability to transcend the end of our mortal existence by acting to ensure the immortality of humanity as a whole.

“Christ had to choose at Gethsemane whether to avoid an early and gruesome death, by `letting the cup pass’ and perhaps living a few years longer in meaningless obscurity, condemning mankind to death, or to accept the bitter cup on behalf of a population riddled with sin, granting them, and himself, immortality.

“So, as our so-called `leaders’ need to be reminded, history has been made, not by the tyrants, willing to kill the most people, but by those like Joan of Arc, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr., and millions of others whose names we don’t know, who chose to risk or lose their lives for the greater good of us all.”