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Antonov Tells U.S. To Show Compassion To Ukraine, End the Hybrid War

Russia’s Ambassador to the U.S. Anatoly Antonov responded sternly last night to President Biden’s Dec. 29 statement against Russia, in a statement posted to the Embassy Telegram channel and on its Facebook page. He was asked, “Dear Ambassador Antonov, how would you comment on the statements made by the U.S. leadership in connection with the strikes of the Russian Aerospace Forces against military facilities of the Kiev regime?” Ambassador Antonov denounced the hybrid war being waged against Russia, and demanded the U.S. act for the sake of Ukrainian lives and world security.

He replied to the media query: “The American reaction to the strikes of the Russian Aerospace Forces demonstrates the effectiveness of the special military operation. And it is noteworthy that the Americans themselves admit that Washington has managed to unite 50 states around itself, waging a hybrid war against Russia and throwing modern Western weapons to the front against the Russian Armed Forces. The task of our opponents has not changed—to defeat the Russian Federation on the battlefield, inflict economic defeat through numerous restrictions, and also to bring a split into society.

“Despite all efforts, the effect is opposite. Over the past year Russia has ‘concentrated,’ become more monolithic, and the effectiveness and combat readiness of the Armed Forces has sharply increased. This is confirmed by today’s successful strikes by the Russian Aerospace Forces on military targets of the Kiev regime.”

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