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Atlantic Council's Kempe Pleads for More Aid for Zelenskyy

The Atlantic Council’s Frederick Kempe is continuing his bitter invectives against opponents of providing more money and weapons to Ukraine in his latest “Inflection Points” memo. The Council has emerged as the most open, vociferous defender of the War Hawks backing the Zelenskyy and Netanyahu regimes, as they carry out their nihilistic campaigns on behalf of the now-discredited “Rules-Based Order.”

After speaking admiringly of Zelenskyy, who met privately with Kempe and his cronies before his visit to Congress, Kempe lashed out against not only the Republicans, but against Biden, accusing him of not providing enough firepower to defeat Putin. Here are his marching orders to the Congress and Biden:

“What’s unfolding is the most dangerous moment in Europe since the end of World War II colliding with one of the most dysfunctional and divisive moments for U.S. domestic politics in recent memory. Strike a deal in Congress now, even if it involves border security, or we all will pay later. Should no deal emerge, history will remember Zelenskyy’s visit for all the wrong reasons.”