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Blinken’s ‘Very Clear Plan’ for Ukraine’s Success: It’s a Secret

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, at his year-end press conference yesterday, insisted, even bragged, that the U.S. has “a very clear plan” for Ukraine’s military, economy, and democracy. Unfortunately, he evidently felt no compulsion or inclination to share any details of this shocking development. Rather, to get to that plan, he indicated that the U.S. simply needs first to put up $61 billion more now, and commit to underwrite another year of warfare in Ukraine.

Supposedly, the impasse in the U.S. House to pass the $61 billion military aid is that House Speaker Mike Johnson has insisted he needs to hear what the road map is for Ukraine’s successful outcome. Apparently, Blinken doesn’t realize that all he has to do is let Johnson in on the secret to clear the road. So, did Blinken really wave the clear but secret plan in front of everyone and not expect to have to explain anything? Here is what he said:

“We have made a real investment in Ukraine’s future, in its freedom. And it makes no sense to me that we would now renege on that investment, having already done so much and having already put Ukraine in a position where it can not only survive but actually thrive going forward. And we have a very clear plan, as I said, to make sure that Ukraine can stand on its own two feet—militarily, economically, democratically—so that these levels of support and assistance will no longer be necessary. … But we have to help Ukraine get through the next period of time, get through this winter, get through the spring and summer. I’m also focused on the fact that they have their own plans to continue not only to deter the Russian aggression, but to continue to take back territory that was seized from them by Russia.”

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