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EU Diplomacy Chief Borrell Backs UN Secretary General's Call for UNSC Action for Ceasefire

Josep Borrell. Credit:

European Union Foreign Affairs chief Josep Borrell has called on the EU members—and like-minded partners—that sit on the United Nations Security Council, to support UN Secretary General António Guterres’s invocation of Article 99 of the UN Charter, to call upon the Security Council to take action to ensure a ceasefire is declared and avert an otherwise imminent “humanitarian catastrophe” in Gaza.

“I ask the EU members of the UN Security Council and like-minded partners to support UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres’s call. The UNSC must act immediately to prevent a full collapse of the humanitarian situation in Gaza,” Borrell posted on X Thursday morning, Dec. 7, adding: “I also call on Israel to enable all UN Agencies, including their Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator Lynn Hastings, to provide urgent support to civilians in Gaza.”

Borrell is also not happy that Israeli settlers had “demolished” the Zanuta school in the West Bank, which the EU had built to give the community’s children access to education. He labeled that action a “violation of international law”, and demanded that settler violence against Palestinian communities stop.

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