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China Reminds West that True Security Comes from Caring for All Humanity

Chinese Foreign Ministry Press Spokeswoman Mao Ning elaborated in her briefing today on the strategic importance of President Xi Jinping’s concept of “building a community with a shared future for mankind,” first put forward ten years ago. That concept has become a powerful force worldwide, because it responds to the “common pursuit of people in countries around the world for peace, development and cooperation, and identifies the fundamental path to solve global solutions,” she pointed out.

China’s Global Times editorial today points out that one result of the West’s refusal to accept that security comes from taking the interests of all humanity into account, was that this was “the most depressing Christmas Eve in the West since the end of the Cold War,” as was publicly lamented within the West.

But sticking to “a kind of meaningless wail and complaint” solves nothing, Global Times adds. It offers some blunt suggestions on where the root of the problem lies.

“The lamentations of the West do not touch the soul and are still revolving around `Western-centrism.’…

“In recent years, Western countries have not ceased discussing security. Many political leaders and public opinions habitually talk about `derisking.’ In pursuit of absolute security, the U.S.-led West invested a considerable amount of manpower, resources, and finances. The proportion of military spending to GDP is generally on the rise. Not only has NATO, a relic of the Cold War, refused to fade away, but the West has also initiated numerous groups worldwide in the name of `security.’ However, despite such significant investments and efforts, the security situation in the West has deteriorated….

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