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China Renews Call for International Conference on Palestine-Israel Crisis

Will an international conference call for water projects like this one in Israel? CC/Hagai Agmon-Snir

China’s Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations Geng Shuang on Dec. 29 renewed the call by China for an international conference on the Palestine/Israel crisis. Speaking at the UN Security Council, he said that there must be a timetable and a roadmap for resolution of the crisis.

Geng spoke at the UN Security Council session on the Middle East yesterday. Diplomats from several nations called for an immediate ceasefire, which action the U.S. has repeatedly blocked, and prevented from being cited in the UNSC Resolution on the crisis passed Dec. 22.

Speaking at the UNSC session yesterday, the observer for the State of Palestine Majed F. Bamya reported on the mass killing and death in Gaza, asking, “What do you say on behalf of a people enduring genocide?”

Ten days ago, another call for an early international conference on Palestine/Israel was issued as a joint call by the Russia-Arab Cooperation Forum, Dec. 20, at the meeting in Morocco.

Geng stated, as the last of his four points on the situation in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict: “The crux of the protracted Palestinian-Israeli issue lies in the failure to implement the two-state solution and the failure to guarantee the fundamental rights of the Palestinian people. We call for an international peace conference that is more broad-based and effective, so as to expedite the formation of a timetable on the roadmap for the implementation of the two-state solution. We support Palestine’s full membership in the UN and the early resumption of direct negotiations between Palestine and Israel.”