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‘Dr. Strangelove’ Kissinger Exudes One Last Snarl Before Kicking the Bucket

Henry Kissinger. EIRNS/Stuart Lewis

In a wide-ranging Zoom interview on Oct. 18 as part of World.Minds gathering, one of his last, which Politico published on Dec. 2, Kissinger revealed the diabolical nature of his political philosophy. In the interview, Kissinger comes down on the side of the genocidal Netanyahu policy of eliminating the very idea of Palestine and Palestinians, categorically rejecting the notion of a two-state solution, which the entire world, including the United States, and Kissinger’s ostensible “friend,” the People’s Republic of China have recently concluded is the only viable approach to stopping the bloodshed now ongoing in Gaza.

“Well, I’m not in Netanyahu’s shoes so that I cannot judge all the forces that impinge on him. I am in favor of a peaceful outcome. I don’t see a peaceful outcome with Hamas involved in the conflict. I would favor negotiations between the Arab world and Israel. I do not see, especially after these events, that direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians are very fruitful….

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