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FBI Director Ramps Up ‘Terrorist Threat’ in the U.S. During Christmas Season

The Department of Homeland Security and Justice Department have just issued a joint bulletin sent to local, state and federal law enforcement warning that groups like Al Qaeda and ISIS could be planning to use the Israel-Palestine war to “increase calls for violence in the U.S. during the holiday season,” CBS News reported. Churches, synagogues and the Jewish community are the most likely targets, they warn. The situation is made more dangerous, this joint report warns, because the Israeli military is bearing down on southern Gaza and Hanukkah begins on Dec. 7, heightening tensions in many countries.

This coheres with testimony given yesterday by FBI Director Christopher Wray before the Senate Judiciary Committee, hyping the high number of terrorist threats in the U.S., warning that since Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack on Israel, these threats have reached a “whole other level.” In his prepared testimony, Wray said “our top concern stems from lone offenders inspired by or reacting to—the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict,” adding that Jewish, Muslim, Arab communities are all at risk.

Of course, the FBI has no information indicating that Hamas has the ability to stage operations in the U.S., as Wray admits, but when ranking member Lindsey Graham (R-SC), asked Wray whether “there’s multiple blinking red lights out there?” Wray responded, “I’ve never seen a time where all the threats or so many of the threats are all elevated at exactly the same time, RT reported.

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