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Fog of War or Irrational Conflict? Israeli Soldiers Kill Three Hostages

Israeli Defense Forces soldier. Credit: IDF

The latest “twerk” in the senseless slaughter being conducted by the Netanyahu government in his attempt to obliterate the people of Gaza is the IDF killing of three Israeli hostages in northern Gaza on Dec. 15. Somehow they had been released by their captors, or escaped from captivity, and were looking for IDF troops to seek a safe haven. They were holding a white flag of surrender so that the IDF troops, not knowing who they were, would not shoot them as terrorists. But that’s exactly what did happen. This in itself would be a breach of the laws of war since even if they were terrorists and they clearly wanted to surrender, it would have been the duty of the troops to take them into custody, not kill them. Even the IDF has released a statement saying that this was a breach of procedure. At the same time, some are simply trying to attribute this to “friendly fire,” which occurs when an attack is mistakenly launched on one’s own positions.

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