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Former U.S. Ambassador to Israel Calls on Netanyahu To Resign

In a sign of the growing pressure from even within the U.S. against the blanket support for Israel, former American Ambassador to Israel Martin Indyk blasted Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in an X post on Dec. 10: “His [Netanyahu’s] determination to stay in power no matter the cost is a clear and present danger to Israel. He needs to resign…yesterday!”

The former ambassador’s comment came in response to a series of messages that resulted in his posting of the Dec. 10 New York Times revelation which detailed Netanyahu’s policy of financial support for Palestine and Hamas via Qatar. His post generated a heated debate with other users online, as clearly this is not an opinion you are allowed to have in the U.S., especially not if you’re in or around circles of government. Indyk is no dove and is not opposing the continuation of the war in Gaza. However, his critique illustrates how thin the hold of today’s narrative that “criticizing Israel = anti-Semitism” really is.

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