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Gilbert Doctorow Comments on Strategic Implications of a U.S. Attack on Yemen

In an interview with India’s WION Dec. 18, and then on Press TV the next day, on the developing Houthi/Red Sea crisis, Russia expert Gilbert Doctorow emphasized that, “If the United States now begins direct military action against the Houthis, it will quickly come up against Iran and the regional conflagration that so far has been averted by all parties may yet break out. Is this a question that concerns Russia? It most certainly does, because just as China cannot afford to see Russia be defeated by NATO-backed Ukraine, so Russia cannot afford to see Iran be defeated by the United States and its allies inside and outside of NATO.”

Doctorow also believes that the concern from all parties involved in the area (state and non-state) to not escalate to a regional or global level still holds. He summarizes this argument, made on Press TV in his blog yesterday:

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