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Gaza nightmare. CC/Wafa

The resumed Gaza nightmare is a marker of what has become characteristic in the West’s plunge into a New Dark Age, under the policies demanded by the Wall Street and City of London financial Establishment. If we are to stop the carnage, and not just gaze in frozen horror, we are going to have to force through the bankruptcy reorganization of the entire bankrupt trans-Atlantic financial system—and work with the nations of the Global Majority to that end.

The Netanyahu government in Israel has made it clear it will not willingly stop killing and/or forcibly removing the 2.3 million Palestinians living in Gaza—genocide, if anything was ever worthy of that name.

The Biden administration is making a show of wagging its finger at Netanyahu and saying “tut-tut,” but it continues to arm Israel to the teeth, publicly approving the overall thrust of its actions and vetoing any UN Security Council resolutions that would impose a ceasefire and stop the carnage. Some credible press accounts report that Washington has told Netanyahu that international pressure is mounting, and that he only has until January to finish off the job, before he has to shift to a “less intense” form of warfare. But for now, he has a green light—and he’s taking it.

But neither Tel Aviv nor Washington are really the ones calling the shots. It’s the Wall Street and City of London bankers, that are avidly launching wars and unleashing economic and cultural devastation to try to preserve their bankrupt system.

Americans and Europeans who are fighting for peace do have allies. For example, Russian President Putin just traveled to the U.A.E. and Saudi Arabia to meet with their leaders, and on Thursday, Dec. 7, will sit down with Iranian President Raisi in Moscow. Those three nations are all about to become full members of the BRICS on Jan. 1, when Russia will become the chairman of that body for 2024, with an announced policy of building a new international financial architecture. And they are also key players to help bring peace and development to the Southwest Asian region.

Schiller Institute founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche, in her weekly webcast Dialogue on Dec. 6, put it this way:

“Some action needs to be done immediately. Now, obviously, the most efficient would be if the United States would just say, `We stop all weapons and money to Israel,’ and that it would stop.… Since that is not very likely, right now, what we have been trying to introduce in this situation is a dynamic which gives hope to the whole region. The Oasis Plan is an economic development perspective, to transform this entire region, which is essentially desert, desert, desert, into an area where, with the help of a system of canals, from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea, from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea, and then large large-scale desalination of the salty water for irrigation of agriculture, for the building of infrastructure, even building new cities, industrialization.”

She continued: “And this is eminently possible, because you have practically the proposals by China to extend the Belt and Road Initiative into the entire region, to pick up on the Chinese proposal to have a Mideast comprehensive peace conference, in which a settlement of the crisis could take place, with the recognition of a two-state solution.…

“Now, this is not very far away. Because just today, President Putin of Russia is on a state visit to the United Arab Emirates.… And then Putin will go to Riyadh to meet with the Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud. And then the President of Iran will meet with Putin in Moscow on Dec. 7. Now the significance of that is that all these three countries will be full members of the BRICS-Plus on January 1st—that’s only three weeks away. And given that these countries are all relevant in terms of the oil price, the amount of oil which is being produced on a daily basis, I think there are many factors which are favorable that such a proposal could be realized.

“But what needs to be done, foremost, is you have to have a perspective where all the people, as horrible as the situation is, have a future, have a hope, and by spreading this idea of having an Oasis Plan, we are trying to put a completely different agenda on the table.”

Zepp-LaRouche concluded her webcast Dialogue: “Apart from the horrible war in Ukraine, the horrible situation in the Middle East, we have a real crisis of Western culture. We are looking at a complete decadent collapse. It’s hard to say if one should compare it with the collapse of the Roman Empire or the 14th century, or other periods of total collapse and decadence of the elites.

“We need to find in ourselves that which is human in us, and we have to build on that and create hope … to evoke the love for humanity and try to get back to a human society.

“I think we will go through a period of maybe a year, one and a half years, two years—this is a period where a lot of processes will come to their point of exhaustion, a breaking point, a transition point. If we somehow manage to get enough people with the idea that there is a solution, the West should stop being arrogant and think they can continue the colonial order.”