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Humanitarian Catastrophe and Schrecklichkeit in Gaza

UNRWA said yesterday that 40% of the Gaza population is now faced with starvation. “People are hungry and just desperate for food @UNRWA convoy in #Gaza City this week,” said Thomas White, director of UNRWA in Gaza. “40% of the population is at risk of famine. More regular supplies needed—require safe and sustainable #humanitarian access everywhere including to the North of Gaza.”

Palestinians are also continuing to report that areas, designated as “safe” by the IDF, are being targeted. “We were taking shelter in the college last night when the Israeli forces opened fire on us. The college housed thousands of displaced people, as it was marked a safe zone. I am not surprised they are targeting us. We do not trust the Israeli army’s instructions; they do not care and kill us anyway,” Mohammed Al-Hayek, a 15-year-old, told Middle East Eye.

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